It could be because I'm a novice skier, but did YOU know this was on your ski boot?


It's a flip in the back that says walk/ski. Here's the thing. When you walk in ski boots, you look like you have to go to the bathroom, and that it's not going to go well in there.

God forbid you climb or go down stairs! Forget about skiing being dangerous! You could break a leg just walking!

But there's this flip!

I was so excited to see this flip. As I was putting on my boots, I thought 'Don't forget to use that flip!'

I skied for two days...never once flipped that switch. I have NO idea what it does! I only remembered it when I peeled my boots off and saw the switch and thought, 'DAMN IT!'

Could I avoided looking like I had on the wrong underwear? What does this switch do???

In case you not only know what it is, what it does and you use it - here's how to replace it when it breaks.



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