If you've ever checked my Instagram or read my blogs, you know I'm all about my Bernese Mountain Dog. I even started a facebook group for Bernese Mountain Dogs in Maine. If you have a dog, you're likely equally obsessed with him or her; maybe not their specific breed if they're a mix or a mutt, but you'll always have a warm place in your heart for similarly faced canines you run into on the street. Have you ever wondered how many other Americans have look-alikes to your best friend?

The American Kennel Club released a list of the most popular breeds in America based on newly registered purebred puppies. My own Berner ranks 25th, having climbed in popularity since their standing at 32 in 2014.

Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepherds have kept their 1, 2, and 3-level ranks respectively for the past several years, but French Bulldogs climbed past the next-most popular Beagles and Bulldogs over the past five years. Where does your dog rank?

For those of you who aren't into purebreds, it's safe to say that your unidentifiable mutt is and will always be at #1. :)

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