It was a sad day when Tom Brady made the choice to not sign on again with the New England Patriots on March 17.

But it wasn't long after when speculation began to swirl as to his new team, with many reports coming in late Tuesday saying that he would be headed to Florida to play for Tampa Bay.

Well, we won't have to wait any longer as Brady announced on Instagram on Friday, March 20, his official decision to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In his post he said he was excited and hungry for his new chapter as well as thanking the Buccaneers for giving him the opportunity "do what I love to do."

He closed out the post with this:

I have always believed that well done is better than well said, so I’m not gonna say much more - I’m just gonna get to work!

So on to Tampa Bay it is.

Again, it will be weird not seeing him suit up at Gillette at the start of the season, but it will certainly be interesting to see what happens when he does put on that new uniform.

Until then, we can just watch some of these great memories of Brady over the years:

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