A woman on Reddit is hurt after her late fiance's family demanded she return the ring he proposed to her with.

"I was engaged to John, after dating for [four years]. When he proposed, the ring he used was [two] sizes too big. We went to the store that he bought it from ([two] weeks before proposing) and he kept the receipt. Got the right size and kept the same style. We did plan to have a wedding, after [three years] of planning and saving," she wrote.

Ten months after the proposal, John died in a car accident, and the woman used their savings for the wedding to pay for his funeral. Not long after the funeral, John's brother approached her, asking her to give his family the engagement ring.

"I asked why, his response was that the ring had been passed down their family for [five] generations. Told him that was BS, because I have proof that the ring was bought for me, less than a year ago," the woman continued on Reddit, adding her late fiancé's family called her "a liar" and demanded she give the ring up.

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"Then I got a letter from their lawyer, in the letter they also demanded that I reimburse them for costs of John’s funeral. So I got myself a lawyer, showed the proof, about the ring [and] I paid for the funeral, in court [and] I won. I thought that madness was over, until John's sister recently messaged me. She [and] her [boyfriend] are engaged, but haven’t gotten a ring [and] she wants John’s ring," she revealed.

"In her [first] message asking for the ring, she said that John would want her to have it, it would feel like John is part of her next step in her life [and] let his spirit know he is not forgotten," she added.

The woman told her no, but John's family hasn't stopped harassing her.

"I have blocked her over [and] over, but she finds a way around it. I was having brunch with my friend, my mobile was on the table, a message from [his] sister popped up [and] my friend saw it. I explained about her messages. My friend believes I’m [an] a--hole [and] I should give her the ring," she shared, adding her other friends think the same.

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Users in the comments rallied behind the woman, with many telling her to hide the ring and protect herself.

"Talk to a lawyer. You are being harassed by the greedy, lying, litigious family of your deceased partner. None of them deserve a damned thing from you, much less your engagement ring your fiancé bought you. His sister can get her ring out of a gum-ball machine for all you care. It is not your problem or responsibility to provide her with jewelry," one person wrote.

"Put it [ring] in a safety deposit box in a bank. They definitely won't be able to get to it there," another user chimed in.

"If you can get a safety deposit box at a bank, use that if you don't plan on wearing it, keep the documents in it too so they can't destroy or make them 'go missing' if they would truly be that ghoulish. Any 'friend' that is on their side needs to go eat sand along with that entire side of the family," someone else commented.

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