If you are having some problems with your phone this morning, you are not alone.

It appears that some cellphone carriers are dealing with a widespread outage.

According to WJBF, it appears that the problem, which started early Thursday morning, has primarily been affecting those who have AT&T as a provider.  However, possibly because of shared transmission equipment, the issue is affecting other providers.

According to Down Detector, the outage has affected people who use Verizon and Cricket Wireless, too.

Additionally, when you look at the Down Detector outage map for US Cellular, it makes a comment that if you are experiencing an issue, it could have to do with the AT&T problem.

In some cases, those who have been affected by the problem report seeing 'SOS' where the service bar indicator should be.

WJBF is reporting that about 30,000 AT&T customers started experiencing problems at about 4:30 AM.  The biggest complaint was being unable to make or receive phone calls.

Not surprisingly, the bulk of the complaints seem to be coming from major cities on the East Coast and Midwest.  Tampa, New York, and Wichita, for example.  However, it appears that smaller numbers of issues have been reported in other places.

So far, here in New England, we have not heard of any issues.  I just tried to make a call from my office here in Augusta, Maine.  I had no issues.

Have you had any problems making phone calls this mornings?  Any problem with data connections on your phone?  Let us know by sending a message through our app.

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