A few months ago, we told you about an ambitious plan that would help prevent flooding along the banks of the Kennebec River.

River flooding is something that's been on the minds of many Central Maine residents since December's 'Grinch' storm.

The plan called for raising the level of Augusta’s Front Street and associated parking lot by about four feet.  In theory, this increase in height would prevent much of the seasonal flooding that happens on the Kennebec River.

According to an article in the KJ, the City of Augusta intends to move forward with the project.

The article explains that the design phase will begin after the public has a chance to provide input on what the project should include.  It is expected that the design phase will begin this summer, but it is likely that construction will not start for another year.

In addition to raising the height of the Front Street parking lot, the plan would also alter the path of the street.  Instead of running directly along the river side of the Water Street buildings, the path would take the street closer to the river.  This would allow for more space between the buildings and street.

The hope is that this would encourage more businesses to lease the riverside spaces of the buildings.  In addition to Cushnoc's tasting room, we could see cafes, kayak rental places, and other cool shops open in those unused commercial spots.

The really exciting part of the project is that it includes the construction of a Water Street-level deck.  Once completed, the deck can be used as a place for families to enjoy a view of the river and as a performance space.

Photo Courtesy of City of Augusta
Photo Courtesy of City of Augusta

The project will be partially funded by $4 million in federal funding.

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