As Maine is a mostly rural state, most of us do not spend much time thinking about our air quality.

Unlike states with large cities, like Boston or New York, the air in Maine is generally fresh and clean.  Our cities are very small, and Maine lacks the amount of traffic and pollution-generating factories required to have a serious impact on air quality.

Regardless of how clean our air is, some towns have cleaner air than others.

So which Maine town has the worst air quality?

We've done some digging, and we are pretty sure that the answer will come as a shock to you.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Bar Harbor

According to A-Z Animals, the town with the state’s worst air quality is Bar Harbor.

Located on Mount Desert Island, the tourist town is filled with cool shops, amazing restaurants, and beautiful hotels.  A tourist destination for over a century, the town is adjacent to Acadia National Park.  It has a population of about 5,000 people, but it is visited by hundreds of thousands of people each year.

The average air quality rating for the town is 40.8.  Technically, this means that the air quality in Bar Harbor is good, but it is bordering on moderate.  While not a problem for most people, the air quality of this rating can cause issues for people with existing health problems.

A rating of 0-50 is considered good, ratings of 51-100 are considered moderate, unhealthy air quality ratings are from 101-300, and air quality ratings of 301-500 are considered hazardous.

Adam Nemeroff / Unsplash
Adam Nemeroff / Unsplash

Why is the air quality in Bar Harbor bad?

While the article gives no definitive reason as to why the air quality is poor, it most likely has something to do with the number of visitors the town gets each year.  If you have ever been to Bar Harbor during the height of tourist season, you know exactly what I mean.

Between the locals, the tourists, and the business employees who drive into town for work, the streets become slowly rolling parking lots.  All of those vehicles packed into a small space have to have an impact on air quality.

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