Over the last few years, we have seen way too many local businesses close their doors for good.  It looks as though it has happened again.

The Coastal Trading & Pawn shop at the Augusta Plaza has closed permanently.

The closure of the pawn shop, which opened in one of the suites at 56 Western Avenue in 2019, was first brought to our attention by listeners who were frequent patrons of the business.  For several days in a row, the metal shutters over the store’s door and windows remained closed.

A few days ago, the shutter over the door was open, allow passersby to see into the shop.  By that point, most of the goods and much of the shelving had been removed.  There was also a sign on the door indicating that the location was closed.  The sign suggested that potential customers visit them at their Lewiston or Auburn locations.

People who call the number listed for the business are greeted by an answering machine message that explains the location has closed.  The message also suggests that people visit them in any of their other five locations in Lewiston, Auburn, Portland, or Brunswick.

No reason was given for why the Augusta location closed.

Like most pawn shops, the store bought and sold everything from jewelry to power tools, video games, and stereo equipment.  As an electronics geek and DJ, shopping there was always an adventure, because you never knew what you were going to find.

You can learn more about their other locations on their Facebook page.

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