It's another day and another scam here in the state of Maine.

Why? Why can't people just leave well enough alone and not target the state's most vulnerable population and try to scam them out of their hard-earned, and oftentimes, limited income?

Because people are useless losers, that's why. AKA, people suck.

According to WGME 13, officials in Maine are once again warning against a widespread scam that is now affecting the elderly population here in Maine.

As a matter of fact, some people in southern Maine have already been scammed out of cash- and the scammers showed up at their house!

WGME 13 is reporting that this particular scam involves the scammer contacting the (typically elderly) victim by cell phone claiming to be their financial institution. The scammer then asks the victim to provide them with a cash payment either online or in person.

Police in Maine are reminding residents not to interact with these people if you happen to get a phone call from one. Police are reminding people that your financial institution should not be contacting you asking to meet for a cash payment.

Unfortuantely, even though this seems like common sense to most of us, the vulnerability of the elderly population is being exposed through this novel scam. It's important, especially if you have elderly family members or friends, that you share this information with them.

That way, on the slim chance that they are contacted by one of these would-be scammers, they will already know that it's not something that their bank would ever ask them to do.

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