This isn't the first time that we have had the pleasure of writing a feel-good story about our friends at Hannaford, and we're super thrilled to be doing it again.

Hannaford has once again put its money where its mouth is and made an absolutely huge donation to a charity based in the Pine Tree State.

According to WGME 13, Hannaford has always had a soft spot for helping fight food insecurity, not just in Maine, but all around the Northeast.

This time, Hannaford has shifted their focus to Maine's aging population. As one of the oldest states in the entire nation, Maine has a rich history of caring deeply for its 'older folks' and now Hannaford is assisting in that mission.

Hannaford Supermarkets just announced a donation of $1,300,000 to the Maine Council on Aging, the news station reported on Tuesday. The Maine Council on Aging helps take care of other organizations that have a mission of taking care of the needs of older adults in Maine.

Maine Council on Aging Executive Director, Jess Maurer, told WGME in part about the donation,

"In longevity studies all across the world, connection, belonging and inclusion are the words that drive health and long life. Food is one of the biggest human connectors there is. The act of sitting down for a meal, with just one other person, is an act of being seen and acknowledged."

Maurer went on to tell WGME 13 that 'too many' aging Mainers are having trouble keeping up on basic necessities like food. She explains that many of Maine's older citizens feel "invisible" and "alone" and said that donations like this are vital to keeping them in focus.

Thank you so much to Hannaford Supermarkets for giving us a smile and for doing such good work in our Maine communities.

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