Funny enough, people ask this specific question, frequently. So, I thought I would address it and help ya'll out. Let's break it down.

Marijuana use is regulated here in the state of Maine but not federally.  Adults who are 21 or older can have up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis according to

Is it Illegal to smoke marijuana while you're driving in Maine?

According to Good To Know Maine, it is certainly illegal to drive while high on weed, in Maine. It is also illegal to open and smoke or use marijuana whilst you are driving down the road, in a car. This is the same for the passenger.

Could you get in trouble?

Oh yes, if you are driving under the influence of marijuana you could be arrested and charged with an OUI, (Operating Under the Influence.)

Don't transport either. You also can't drive out of state with weed either. Don't cross state lines or international borders, because it's a big no-no to leave Maine with any marijuana products, even if they are medical, according to the report. 

Here's one more Snapple fact for you, you cannot send marijuana in the mail either. No snail marijuana mail Mainers!

Be mindful when you drive and follow the rule of the roads. It ensures everyone's safety.

Make sure to review the Maine Law in order to educate yourself on the regulations of Marijuana in our state and most of all, be safe!

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