According to WGME, last Friday, two Subway employees from Lewiston and Auburn got ahold of the CBS 13 I-Team because they still hadn't received their W-2 forms yet.

This is something employees should have received by January 31.

Because the two employees don't want to cause any problems or get into trouble, they are not revealing who they are.

As we all know, tax return season is now upon us, and the workers are getting nervous.

AJ Jackson is someone who used to work for Subway, and he says that his former colleagues are truly struggling to make ends meet, as per the article. 

So, what did the I-Team do? They sprung into action, reaching out to the company like investigative ninjas to figure out what was happening. And guess what? The company responded by granting employees access to the forms later that very day.

Mainsusa Corporation and Grey Hawk Maine LLC, the companies that own the Subway locations, told the I Team that there were delays due to a restructuring, and now those digital copies of W-2s are now available for employees.

David Grendell owns five Subway restaurants in the area. The employees said that the company changed its payroll system back in November, switching to handwritten paychecks. Some of these paychecks arrived late, and there were no paystubs or breakdowns of their hours.

The Maine Department of Labor hasn't confirmed if they received reports about this, but they're encouraging anyone facing similar issues to reach out for help.

Do you think this was a simple issue of restructuring delays or not?

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