Getting through middle school in today's world is already pretty challenging. I remember my own middle school years, grappling with insecurities and questioning just about everything. Hormones are in full swing, making even the slightest challenges feel like you are about to climb Mount Washington.

This Massachusetts Middle School is trying to alleviate some stress and increase confidence by gifting its students with an in-house barbershop. Here's why.

According to WABI, Sullivan Middle School in Lowell want to boost their students' confidence and attendance by giving free haircuts to those who want or need it at its new in house barbershop.

The shop is called Husky Kutz, and is open every Monday. It's an easy option for busy parents like Amanda Kerrigan, who appreciates the opportunity for her son to get a haircut at school.

Who's the master barber? He's an amazing artist named Joseph L'Heureux, and he happily volunteers his time for free to support the students.

As the article says, looking your best and feeling your best goes a very long way when you are in middle school. I think this school is onto something very special.

All the students have to do is fill out a Google form, which is a plan initiated by Gayl Hurley, the Community School Manager.

This idea is funded through a grant, and it took a year of planning. They needed a state inspection in order to become an official and operational barbershop.

Everyone, including parents and students enrolled at the school, now have one less task on their plate. Instead of dealing with the hassle of scheduling appointments, driving to a nearby barbershop, and paying high haircut costs, this is designed to ease stress for both parents and children.

The middle school is a pioneer with this groundbreaking program, and has received a certificate of recognition for introducing the first-ever, on-site middle school barbershop.

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