Recently, there has been whispers that a strike may be taking place soon.

According to WMTW, union members are voicing concerns about some issues at a Maine private ambulance company. They are warning of a potential strike if their management fails to address the issues.

The company is United Ambulance Service, and it's vital to our Maine communities.

Ben Van Dyke, a paramedic for United Ambulance Service, said that the company puts profit over employee safety. For example, accepting long trips during overnight hours and disregarding policies.

Van Dyke says,

This is our way of making noise and letting people know that there are a lot of things that are not right.

Another paramedic, Alex Devan, is agreeing with the concerns of his fellow employee about unethical requests made by the company.

According to the article, the workers have been without a contract for almost a year, and they say their bosses won't talk things out with them. If things don't get better, they worry patients could be in danger and their job could get tougher.

WMTW attempted to contact United Ambulance management for comment, but received no response. If mediation and talks do not take place, union members may vote to authorize a strike in the coming weeks.

We will keep an eye on this ongoing situation.

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