Maine's largest lake is receiving critical acclaim for a popular recreational activity that the region is well-known for.

The highly respected pop culture site Worthly recently published an article about fishing. The site posted the best fishing spot in every state (you know, the public ones. Not those secret spots). Maine's representative was none other than the iconic Moosehead Lake.

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Located in Northwestern Maine, Moosehead is very versatile. The lake is known for numerous styles of fishing, including fly and ice fishing. Moosehead is also loaded with some of the most popular fish to go after, including numerous species of salmon, trout, and bass.

Another positive for Moosehead is that it's away from civilization. It's not that tourists completely stay away. But it's nothing like areas along the coast or southern part of the state. Moosehead is genuine perfection in that regard. It's basically the best scenario for a long, peaceful day of fishing.

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It shouldn't be a surprise for Maine to have such solid and special fishing spot like this. The state has always had a good reputation for fishing. And with so many pristine and clean lakes, ponds, and rivers, one would think this was a difficult decision to make. But Moosehead truly stood out to the site. Here is a little of what they had to say about the fishing in Maine's largest lake.

Moosehead Lake is an angler’s dream. It is famous for landlocked salmon and brook trout. With hills and forests surrounding it, it has an impressive background. Ice fishing in winter draws outdoor enthusiasts.

I was glad to see the site mention the surrounding environment. Sure, the views have nothing to do if the fish are biting, but Moosehead Lake's incredible profile can certainly make any day special.

Congrats to Moosehead on the best fishing distinction. Clearly, I'm going to have to get up there and test out this claim. I'm looking forward to it.

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