The month of January was one that Maine has never seen. Water levels reached record highs, and homes and businesses suffered catastrophic damage, especially those along the coastline. 

Also destroyed by being swept away into the rough seas of the ocean were the iconic fishing shacks at Willard Beach, reminding Mainers that we are not exempt from disastrous weather that we don’t typically see here.  

These fishing shacks, with their weathered wood and rustic charm, were more than just buildings. They were symbols of Maine's history. For generations, fishermen would gather here and prepare their gear before heading out into Casco Bay. Despite the efforts to secure the shacks, powerful winds and high tides were too strong. 

This was a devastating blow to the locals, not just because the physical structures were gone, but also generations of memories that they represented. 

If you’re a Mainer, you know that we are resilient. Several efforts are in the works to get these historic shacks rebuilt. One in particular that I thought was really cool is an effort by Queen Bee, a new local boutique in Portland, Maine, known for its unique hats. 

The main focus for husband and wife duo Jamie & Claire Storrs was to make hats in a sort of a “IYKYK” style for people to wear and rep their local neighborhoods in and around Portland, i.e. Munjoy Hill, Deering, Foreside, West End, and Rosemont.

Soon after they launched, they saw the devastation of the winter flooding in January, along with the resulting outpouring of love and feeling of loss around the Fish Shacks. So, we thought it would be a great way for their new business to jump in and help out a cause people were so passionate about. 

That said, they came up with a simple yet recognizable design and launched a hat with the plan to donate 100% of the proceeds of the sales to the South Portland Historical Society. The response has been great, and they’re coming up on their 400th order. 

Queen Bee
Queen Bee

You can purchase yours here while assisting with a great cause to help rebuild the historic fishing shacks at Willard Beach in South Portland.

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