A popular local pizza chain is receiving top honors for its unique and tasty pies.

The popular website and television station Food Network recently published a list of the best pizzas in every state. The list is a "Who's Who" of notable pizza joints from across the country. Maine's representative went to a pizza chain that changed the game with a certain pie that is an homage to another very popular dish. I'm talking about the 'Mashed Potato Pie' from Otto Pizza.

Originally opening in Portland nearly 20 years ago, Otto has been a culinary sensation since opening. Otto is known for their monstrous thin crust slices. They are a true culinary dream. However, what they are probably most known for is their iconic loaded baked potato slice.

Otto via Facebook
Otto via Facebook

It starts with a delicious thin crust, cheese, bacon, scallions, and finished with perfectly made mashed potatoes. When you take a bite of this incredible combination, you get this intense mix of flavors that resembles, well, pizza and loaded mashed potatoes. It truly is a unique culinary experience.

The pizza was an instant hit with Mainers, and still is many years later. In fact, the Otto empire only continues to grow in the region, with stores opening across the state and even in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. But it's not just the mashed potato pie that got people's taste buds going. Other unique pies, like the three cheese tortellini, spicy pulled pork and pineapple, bacon and hot honey, and many others have also helped bring the masses to Otto. And different topping combos are always being added to keep the menu fresh.

Otto Pizza via Facebook
Otto Pizza via Facebook

Congrats to Otto for the great Food Network love. It's always wonderful to see a Maine business get the recognition it deserves, especially one that continues to thrive and expand. We wish them many years of continued success.

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