This is an exciting time, my friends. A wonderful holiday is upon us. Are you ready for Record Store Day?

Record Store Day

This year will mark the 17th annual Record Store Day, a "holiday" to celebrate small business and all things music. This worldwide phenomenon takes place Saturday, April 20, and will have thousands of stores participating.

According to Forbes, Record Store Day releases will include albums from The Doors, Dwight Yokum, and the Talking Heads, just to name a few.

Did Record Store Day Start in Maine?

This holiday did, in fact, get its start in Maine. According to Newscenter Maine, Chris Brown from the iconic Bull Moose music stores came up with the idea back in 2007. It was a way to help promote small businesses, appreciate music independence, and celebrate all those who are connected.

The early success of the day has seen it rise to incredible levels, including becoming worldwide, and having a year-wide organization to help coordinate the holiday. And plenty of new releases are now associated with the holiday.

Record Store Day Participation

Maine will have good representation for this year's big day. Considering the day's connection to the Pine Tree State, one would hope that Maine would be heavily involved. Plus, with our state's passion for independence and love of small businesses, the holiday suits us well.

The stores that truly participate in the spirit of the day have also signed the Record Store Day Pledge. This pledge is a promise to consumers that Record Store Day releases will be sold to customers in-store, fairly priced, and not held back for internet-only consumers.

According to, the majority of the participating Maine record stores have signed that pledge. That's quite impressive for this great state.

Below is a list of the Maine record stores that have signed the pledge, according to The stores cover a good swath of the state, giving many Mainers an opportunity to participate in the holiday.

Don't see your favorite vinyl store on there? Don't worry. They certainly could be participating. But there's only one way to find out. Head on over Saturday and grab a record or two.

Maine Stores Officially Participating in This Year's Record Store Day

Here is a list of all the record stores officially participating in the 17th Annual Record Store Day. While this list signed the record store day pledge, there are numerous other independent stores in Maine that should be celebrated as well.

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