This new year surely will be bringing plenty of new restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and pizza parlors to Maine's foodie-centric city of Portland. And we already have news of one that's in the construction phase.

According to the sleuths over at Portland Food Map, a brand-new health-focused cafe will be opening later this year right on the border of Portland's East End. The name of the new venture is Bom Dia and will be located at 47 India Street, where Lois' Natural Marketplace used to be.

Bom Dia's Instagram page points out that the cafe will specialize in coffee, acai bowls, smoothies, bagels, and more. A little something for everyone.

It's nice to see another Portland joint offering acai bowls. Afterall, it is one of the healthiest meals on the market. Acai berries are a superfood with tremendous health benefits. According to, some of those benefits include weight loss, blood sugar regulation, heart health, and normal brain activity.

I would expect this to be a great addition to the community, especially in that neighborhood. India Street is already a bastion of delicious restaurants, markets, and cafes. This should only add to its stellar reputation. Plus, more and more commercial businesses and residential complexes have been opening in the area, so I wouldn't expect business to be an issue.

According to Portland Food Map, the 26-seat cafe is looking at a February opening date. For now, you can follow the progress on Bom Dia's Instagram page.

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