A beloved South Portland brewery will sadly be ceasing operations soon.

Island Dog Brewing recently announced this news on the company's Facebook page.

Opened in 2016 by a husband-and-wife team, Island Dog described itself as a "small craft brewery that brews a wide variety of beers and uses locally sourced ingredients." This included around three dozen different beers over the years.

The brewery was also known for its massive love of our furry friends. Not only was it a pet friendly establishment, but held many events and fundraisers for local animal rescues and organizations.

Island Dog is expected to be closed by the end of the month, but it could be much earlier than that if the beer goes fast. The brewery did post that their hours will be extended as they look to sell out.

It's certainly sad to see this news. The Maine beer scene has taken a hit, no question about that. I'm sure this is going to be tough to swallow for many in the industry. Maine's beer scene is one big family. In fact, it's probably the friendliest bunch of competitors you will ever see. It's quite heartwarming.

While this is it for Island Dog, it does sound like many of the crew are staying in the business. The post does mention the likelihood of seeing some of the crew in other breweries and tasting rooms. While that's great to hear, it certainly still very sad to see the Island Dog era come to a close.

I wish all the Island Dogs the best in their future endeavors.

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