Do you like apples? How about apartments?

The apartment lived in by Matt Damon’s character in his Academy-Award winning Good Will Hunting is on the market to rent in South Boston, and it can be yours for $4,500 a month.

Yikes. Dem’s a lot of apples. But don’t swipe left just yet.

I used to live in South Boston (a.k.a. Southie), and even though I had some trepidations due to SNL sketches and a fellow named Whitey, it was a wonderful place to live.

Not so much in the wintertime, where you often get the worst of any storm that hits Boston. But not many New England towns would be mistaken for Kokomo from Thanksgiving to Easter.

In the summer and fall, Southie is one of the very best places in Boston. Everything is within walking distance – and what isn’t is reachable via bus rather than subway inferno.

Carson Beach is a great place to go in the summer, and perhaps even better in the fall. And if you want to channel your inner Wayne and Garth, you can relax on the hood of your car and watch planes take off from across the water at Logan Airport (which is nearby, but not too nearby).

The highlight? That would be Sullivan’s on Castle Island, which offers burgers, hot dogs, and milkshakes along with a menu that seemingly froze on 1960s prices.

And Castle Island itself is one of the best places in all of New England to go for a run, go on a date, or just gather your thoughts as Mr. Hunting would.

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Gibson Sotheby via Zillow.

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