Millions of singles all over the world are trying to find their special someone, which is easier said than done in today's often-isolating world.

As everyone knows, a popular 21st century solution to this problem is dating apps.


Now, this writer's gonna be candid with you. She was on the apps for a long time, and has mixed opinions. They're definitely not ideal, but decent people are on there. Yours truly has heard several online dating success stories, and you probably have, too.

Once you've decided to put yourself out there by joining the rat race that is online dating, you now have to figure out what app(s) to join. This is easier said than done, as there are tons to choose from. Most aren't worth your time, but a few reign supreme.

The website Dating News decided to help out by sharing a list of the most popular dating apps in each state. Their choice for Massachusetts is one that puts the power in the hands of the ladies: Bumble.

What sets Bumble apart from other apps is its desire to make you feel empowered on your journey to find love. Its swiping format closely resembles Tinder, but upon matching with someone, women must make the first move. This affectively shifts "old-fashioned power dynamics and encouraging equality from the start," according to the app's website.

In the spirit of honesty, Bumble is by no means perfect. There are lots of features you have to pay to access, and the only way you can contact someone is if you match with them (whereas on apps like Hinge, you can see who likes you and decide whether or not you want to match with them).

Having said that, Bumble is still one of the more affective dating apps out there. As a woman who's been on the receiving end of cringy and unwelcome texts from matches, it's refreshing to have the singular power to start conversations.

What about you? Which dating apps do you recommend? Are there any you think people should steer clear of? Reach out and let us know.

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