It's no secret that the Bush family has called Maine their second (third?) home for generations with their property in Kennebunkport. In fact, according to WGME, it was George H.W. Bush's great-grandfather, David Davis Walker, and his family that first purchased the property back in the 1870s. It wasn't until 1977 that George H.W. Bush purchased it. And now after his passing, his family continues to spend time in the home.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush must be spending early autumn at the Bush Compound as he was spotted at CVS in Biddeford. Which typically wouldn't be all that newsworthy but what happened proves that even politicians are just like the rest of us at times.

@NiceSheehan snuck a photo and shared it on Twitter sharing that Jeb locked his keys in his van. Jeb apparently left his cell phone in there too as he had to use the CVS phone for help. It's not known if he needed AAA or if a spare key was in Kennebunkport but we can assume he and the van made it back home.

It's kind of nice to know that in a time where, more than ever, many politicians appear to live a life so out of touch to so many of us, that we have people like Jeb messing up like the rest of us.

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