Ever heard of a swirly? I hadn't thought of this unpleasant prank/bully move since probably middle school, when it was last relevant. Turns out, the swirly became relevant again once Jeff and Lori entered a bet about who could throw an axe better at the Maine Warrior Gym's Axe Pit...

Spoiler alert, Jeff lost. Lori's an axe-thrower extraordinaire.

As a result, Jeff agreed to let us flush the toilet with his head inside. Pretty disturbing, right? What's more disturbing is how on board he was in paying his debt... he even flushed himself the second time! I thought paying off a bet was supposed to be unpleasant for the loser, but Jeff was all too gung-ho about this.

The whole reason these two crazies ended up paying off their bet with a swirly is because they bet so often that they're out of wager money. Hence, their payoffs getting a little more... *creative*. What will they think of next?!

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