As a kid in the 1980's I was usually watching something on the first television network for kids, Nickelodeon. Back then Nickelodeon was young and looked a lot different, just like me. Here are my 5 favorite shows that I watched on Nickelodeon in the 80s.

All the shows on my list are no longer on, but I have such fond memories of them and have found some clips to share.


5. Out of Control



Out of Control was...well...I don't really know what it was. It starred Dave Coulier who would later go on to much bigger success on Full House. He played the host of a low budget TV talk show/news program with crazy, over the top characters like valley girl Diz and reporter Hern. Dave's signature "" got its start here. I can't tell you why I liked it, but I did. I look at it now and figure that I just I couldn't find anything better on TV.


4. Mr. Wizard's World


The late Mr. Wizard, Don Herbert, had been doing science experiments with kids on television since the 50's. After a decade off television, Nickelodeon brought him back in 1983 for Mr. Wizard's World. Something about watching a kid suck grape juice through a straw from the third floor of a building was fascinating and even educational! I never missed the show.


3. Danger Mouse


British TV is everywhere in the US today, but in the 80s all the shows from across the pond were for adults on PBS. Then Danger Mouse was imported by Nickelodeon and it got a brand new following in the States. Think James Bond crossed with Batman and Robin, with Danger Mouse and his trusty sidekick Penfold. I thought this show was hilarious! It was a type of humor I hadn't seen before and it still stands the test of time. So much so that Danger Mouse is about to have a revival on Netflix this spring. You can watch the original there as well.


2. Double Dare


I've been a game show fan ever since I can remember, and when Nickelodeon created its first game show for kids in 1986, it was all over for me. I never missed Double Dare! The question and answer part was pretty boring, but when the contestants said "We'll take the physical challenge," things got amazing. It was so messy, they renamed it at one point to Super Sloppy Double Dare. Where else could you play a bonus round on an obstacle course picking a giant nose to find a flag to win a trip to Disney World?


1. You Can't Do That on Television


Nickelodeon's flagship show in the 80s was You Can't Do That on Television a sketch comedy show starring kids and only two adults, one of which played every male adult character on the show. This is the show where green slime was born. Anytime a cast member said "I don't know," green slime was dumped on them. Saying "Water" would get water dumped on their heads as well. The sketches were clever, the cast was great (Alanis Morrisette was a cast member at one point) and it's one of the best shows ever to be in Nickelodeon's lineup. The show may be gone, but the green slime remains a staple of Nickelodeon today.


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