Jeff challenged me to make a list of my favorite Nickelodeon shows from the 90s while he put together a list of his own list of shows from the 80s. I was raised by the television and distinctly remember tuning to channel 21 to catch my favorite Nick shows. So Jeff, challenge accepted.

Side Note: Lori didn't watch Nickelodeon, so we'll never know what her favorite Nickelodeon shows are.

I ate Lunchables, got new Sketchers every year for school, and had my fair share of Tamogotchi pets, Furbys, and Beanie Babies. I watched Nickelodeon exclusively. I was a true product of the 90s.

Here are my five favorite Nickelodeon shows from the 90s. Are any of these on your list?

5. Double Dare 2000

This show had it all -- trivia, physical challenges, and like most Nickelodeon game shows, SLIME! I hear that Double Dare 2000 is a remake of the original Double Dare from the 1980s, so I'm willing to bet this show makes it on Jeff's list, too. He loves game shows.

4. Kenan & Kel

"Who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda! I do, I do, I do-ooo." What 90s kid didn't quote Kenan & Kel with friends on the playground at school? This show was a spin-off of another favorite show of mine higher up on the list.

3. Rocket Power

The show didn't start until 1999, but it still counts! I credit Rocket Power for being one of the first kid's shows to break gender roles by portraying Reggie as a strong female who was into things that boys are "usually into". This show also started my obsession with Southern California. I still call people who wear sneakers to the beach "shoobies".

2. The Wild Thornberrys

This is another late 90s show, but it's high on my list of favorites. The Thornberry family lived in an RV and traveled to exotic places around the world. Eliza could talk to animals, her little brother Donnie was raised by orangutans, the older sister was the perfect characature of a surly teenager, and their father, Nigel, is easily one of the most ridiculous animated characters Nickelodeon ever created. He was mindless but brilliant and had the most terrific accent. I'm not including a video of an episode because this clip is the only thing that matters.

1. All That

My number one favorite Nickelodeon show, hands down, is All That. It was the kid version of Saturday Night Live. Kenan Thompson was on All That and he's now a staple cast member of Saturday Night Live. The theme song to the show makes me feel all sorts of nostalgic. Other popular actors can be seen in the show, including Amanda Bynes (before she lost her mind).

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