We've all heard about the meme/stereotype of a "Karen". "Karen" is typically a middle-aged woman with a terrible haircut that ALWAYS insists on speaking to the manager. Anyone who has ever worked in a customer service related field will know just what I'm talking about. We all know "Karen" and we can sense her coming from a mile away. And she's probably asking for a refund on a heavily used vacuum cleaner.

I see your Karen and I raise you a David.

Here's the thing, David is a real guy. According to his Twitter profile, he's a journalist and has written for CBS, AXS, Yahoo, Examiner, and more.

Twitter | @David_Leavitt

I guess he's taking a break from his writing to make life miserable for one Massachusetts manager who barely looks old enough to drink. And my thought is that she'll want a drink after this ordeal.

David spotted an electric Oral-B electric toothbrush. Those things aren't cheap. Target.com has one listed on sale for $89.99.


There was a display toothbrush on the shelf with a sticker that says it's a display. You know they must have to do this because, at some point, some idiot tried to buy one of these display brushes. The problem is that the sticker is a price tag, so next to the word "Display" is a price of $0.01. I'd speculate (as would most rational thinking humans) that the price tag machine forces the user to include a price before printing, even if it's just a display sticker.

Well, our friend David here took this opportunity and ran with it to an unbelievable level. Whether he knew the law or researched it there he discovered that Massachusetts has a law that forces businesses to honor the lowest advertised price. David asked the young Target manager to honor that and when she refused, David called the police.

According to his Tweets, the police said he has a case and needs to sue Target and that they would testify that the manager didn't honor the price.

He added that he hasn't been able to afford to go to the dentist (despite his work with BS, AXS, Yahoo, Examiner, etc.) and now feels that he has to take Target to court.

What do you think? Does David have a valid point? Or is he the new "Karen"?