With another snowstorm on Maine's doorstep for Monday night into Tuesday, many of us are wondering just how much of this we can take before December even gets here. It got me to thinking, have we set a record yet for the most snowfall and rain in the fall in Maine? I decided to ask an expert.

WMTW 8 Meteorogist Sarah Long was on Facebook live on Sunday night talking about the latest storm, so I asked her in chat if we had set a record for the most snow or rain for fall in Maine. "Good question!" she said and let me know she'd have to look it up.

Finding amounts for lots of Maine towns is a lot of work if not impossible, but Portland keeps very good records. Here's what she shared later in the evening:

As of tonight we’re at our 5th wettest November on record in Portland with 8.03”, this storm will likely push us up to 3rd wettest and to get to 2nd wettest we’ll need 1.78” of rain Monday night/Tues. It’s possible.


We’re at 14.4” of precip (rain/melted snow) for meteorological fall (September 1 – November 30). We would need to beat 17.45” to break the top 10 wettest falls here. While we don't have records for every town, the mountains are anecdotally in for one of their snowiest fall seasons.

So no record yet, but this next storm could be the one to push us over the edge in Portland. I was pushed over the edge after the last storm. Maybe we can make up for it with an early spring? Like maybe in February? Asking too much? Okay.


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