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Ever since his Man of the Woods Tour ended in 2019, fans of Justin Timberlake were waiting, hoping, and praying that one of two things would happen:

Justin would drop new music and go back out on tour, or, more preferably (quite honestly), we'd be blessed with an *NSYNC reunion tour. Especially with the five fellas reunited to drop new music for the Trolls Band Together soundtrack.

Unfortunately for *NSYNC fans, the reunion tour wasn't to be (yet), but, Justin didn't leave us hanging, dropping his new album Everything I Thought I Was on March 15, and kicking off The Forget Tomorrow World Tour on April 29 in Canada.

Justin Timberlake Boston

Justin will roll through New England with two dates of The Forget Tomorrow World Tour down in Boston at the end of this month, performing at TD Garden on Saturday, June 29, and Sunday, June 30.

And, since he's performing to back-to-back shows, we're going to have some fun getting you tickets to see his June 29th show.

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Two From Timberlake

Beginning Monday, June 17, at any point during the day or night, we could play back-to-back Justin Timberlake songs. When that happens, be Caller 9 to 775-7979 and score your hookup with a pair of tickets to see Justin in Boston on Saturday, June 29.

Fair warning, we'll definitely be teasing you along the way, so make sure you pay attention. One Justin song? No big deal. But as soon as you hear the second song for the Two From Timberlake play? Drop everything and call!

By the way, any song Justin is featured in counts, too, which means if you hear a solo Justin song followed by an *NSYNC song? That's also the Two from Timberlake, so game on!

We'll officially end the Two From Timberlake on Friday, June 21 at 11:59p. Good luck!

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