Diddy Boston Show

There was a very different feel and very different vibe surrounding Diddy back in 2016, when, after a few stage name changes, he once again was performing under Puff Daddy and embarked on a legendary reunion tour.

It was a show that was (mostly) praised with a very once-in-a-lifetime feel to it. And, considering the current times, has resulted in a very not great aging. More on the show in a second.

Joseph Escobar via YouTube / diddy via Instagram / Google Maps
Joseph Escobar via YouTube / diddy via Instagram / Google Maps

Diddy Investigation

Since November 2023, according to TODAY, several people have filed lawsuits against Diddy -- real name Sean Combs -- citing multiple accusations including assault, harassment, and a lot of other heavy-duty allegations.

Around the same time, TODAY reports that Diddy's former ex-partner of a decade, Cassie Ventura, filed her own lawsuit accusing him of abuse throughout their relationship, which Diddy denied and shortly after the lawsuit was filed, it was announced that a settlement had been reached.

Back in March 2023, Diddy made headlines once again when he was the subject of a Homeland Security Investigation involving multiple properties he owns, according to TODAY.

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Diddy Cassie Video

In May 2024, video allegedly from all the way back in March 2016 was leaked, allegedly showing Diddy in a physical altercation with Cassie in a Los Angeles, California, hotel (a video that will not be posted here or linked to due to its sensitive in nature content and possible triggering actions).

Days later, a selfie video captioned with "I'm truly sorry" was posted to Diddy's Instagram account with him speaking directly into the camera, mentioning hitting rock bottom and that his "behavior on that video [was] inexcusable" and that his actions disgusted him back then and still do currently.

Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour

What originally started as a weekend-long tribute performance in New York City to honor what would have been the Notorious B.I.G.'s 44th birthday in May 2016, according to Boston.com, turned into the highly-anticipated, national Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour that stopped at TD Garden in Boston on September 24 of that year.

It was a night that fans of not only the then-Puff Daddy himself, but other members of the "Bad Boy Family" (what artists signed to Bad Boy Records/Bad Boy Entertainment were referred to as) vowed to never forget, with favorites like Ma$e, Faith Evans, Lil' Kim, and more taking the stage.

At the time, the only bad taste left in fans' mouths was the fact that the concert didn't feature quite possibly the most popular song featuring multiple members of the Bad Boy Family, the Biggie Smalls tribute track "I'll Be Missing You."

However, knowing what allegedly occurred just a few months prior in Los Angeles, there may be more than one bad taste in fans' mouths and they may choose to erase every memory of a show that has very much not aged well considering all of the allegations Diddy faces as of this writing.

If you or someone you know is in need of help, reach the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800.799.SAFE (7233) or their official website.

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