K9 Tony finds the guy hiding in a car that isn't his. Good boy!

Early Thursday, October 12, around 1:30 AM, there was a crash on Rochester Street in Westbrook. The driver took off and fled the scene. That is never a good sign. Officers called in K9 Tony, and he went to work!

Westbrook Maine Police Dept Facebook
Westbrook Maine Police Dept Facebook

Tony was able to pick up the scent and tracked the runner down to Lamb Street. But Tony went above and beyond. He actually led officers to a driveway on Lamb Street near Oak Street. But Tony wasn't done yet. In that driveway, officers found a person hiding in a car that was not theirs. Yup, you guessed it—the runner.

Officers investigated and found that this person was indeed the driver who ran from the crash. He was charged with OUI and Failure to Give Motor Vehicle Crash Information. Good job, Officer Tony!

K9 Tony catches the bad guy, and K9 Cal just retired.

Westbrook Maine Police Dept Facebook
Westbrook Maine Police Dept Facebook

Just a couple of weeks ago, K9 Cal retired from the Westbrook Police with his handler, Sergeant Jeremy Smith, and his family. They threw a retirement party for Cal, and he got lots of treats and this awesome raccoon toy.

We're suckers for dogs.

On the Westbrook Facebook post, hundreds of people congratulated K9 Tony and K9 Cal and the great job they did. They suggested extra treats, and maybe even a ribeye and an extra long belly rub. It made me think how funny it would be if we did that for our human officer when they got back to the station after catching the bad guy.

Yeah...maybe not.

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