Perhaps you've seen the flyers posted around town, or seen first-hand the table set up in the corner of your favorite local brewery. Maybe you've smelled the lingering eau de fromage and grilled veggies. What is that something extra? A touch of corn? A sprinkle of chive?

Yes, indeed. It's all of this; it's Dora's Box, the pop-up grilled cheese... stand. Shop? Dream come true...? Again, it's all of the above, it seems.

Dora's Box hops all over Portland, documenting its cheesy adventures from breweries to bars to lounges and beyond in their tantalizing instagram feed.

I mean... if you didn't debate reporting the above image for inappropriate content, you're probably lactose intolerant. We won't hold it against you; it just means more for us Grillch Hounds (yeah, it's a thing. A very recently invented thing. By me.)

Mast Landing, Bunker Brewing, Portland Zoo, Lone Pine, and events here and there. THIS VERY WEEKEND, they're gonna be at DTL (Downtown Lounge) at 606 Congress street in Portland. Friday and Saturday, 9/13 and 9/14.

Until then, whisper their eloquent reassuringly to yourself: "Yum-yums for the tum-tum" and peruse their witty insta feed. You really can't go wrong.

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