Strive is an organization based in South Portland that provides programs, activities, events, and general support to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Strive empowers its program participants to make use of social, political, cultural and recreational resources in their community and broader society.

Providing advocacy, community education, and an ongoing environment of respect, openness, and trust isn't free - and Strive has the perfect fund raising helper to send extra cash their way.

Kevin Fitzpatrick, a UPS driver and long-time Strive volunteer, has hosted his fund raiser, Kevin On The Roof for seven years. His goal is $45,000 that goes straight to Strive, and he camps out on the roof of Patriot Subaru until he reaches that goal. In years past, Kevin has stayed on the roof for a week, sometimes longer, sometimes less.

To help Kevin reach his goal, stop by Patriot Subaru to put money in the bucket he sends down and hoists up, text "KEVIN" to 71-777, or donate at

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