In 2019 a bill was proposed to penalize drivers in Maine if they failed to clear snow and ice off their vehicles. Specifically, as reported by WGME, police could stop an individual driving more than 40 miles per hour on a public street if they failed to reasonably clear off snow and ice from their vehicle. This would then result in a fine.

There is a similar law in New Hampshire called Jessica's Law but nothing came of the proposal here in the state of Maine.

There are, however, laws on the books that can hold people liable for snow/ice-covered vehicles and for the snow/ice flying off.

Maine Injury Lawyer Blog points to 29-A MRS §2082 and 29-A MRS §2396.

29-A MRS §2082 is specifically about motor vehicle windows and addresses obstructions which, snow and ice could arguably fall under.

Obstructions. A person may not operate a vehicle with a sign, poster, opaque or semitransparent material or substance on the front windshield, side wing or side or rear window that obstructs the operator's clear view of the way or an intersecting way.

29-A MRS §2396 addresses substances on public ways. Snow and ice falling off a vehicle and into the public way could cause an accident and the driver could indeed be held liable.

Snow. A person may not place and allow to remain on a public way snow or slush that has not accumulated there naturally.

At the end of the day, it's a basic human courtesy to clean off your car. We've all been in the position of this Redditor.

Stay safe this winter! It's difficult enough driving in the snowy mess, please don't make it even more difficult on others!

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