KFC announced a new menu item that people are going nuts over, but I've been been doing this when I go to KFC for a few years now. Starting Monday, KFC will add mac and cheese bowls to their menu. They're just like their regular famous bowls, but instead of using mashed potato, they use mac and cheese.


Mac and cheese is my favorite side at KFC. I know people love the mashed potato, but I'm not a mashed potato fan. Famous bowls weren't really an option for me, so I made my own bowls. I ordered popcorn chicken and a couple of sides of mac and cheese, mixed it together, and voilà! A perfect combination of delicious, cheesy chicken goodness. KFC must have read my mind and now they are doing the work for me!

They'll be offering a straight up mac and cheese bowl and a spicy version that adds Nashville hot sauce. I'll pass on that. That just doesn't sound right to me on mac and cheese.


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