11-year-old Draiden Mason in Kittery has an amazing collection of Halloween inflatables.

Draiden loves gigantic Halloween inflatables SO much, according to Seacoast Online, it's all he asks for. We're talking Christmas and birthdays...every year.

The Masons live at 26 Rogers Road and for the past four years, it's hard to not want to stop by and gawk at all of the giant inflatables!

There's a preying mantis, bat, dragon, spider, ghost cat, a stagecoach driven by skeletons carrying Dracula, and his favorite, the “Beetlejuice” sandworm, according to Seacoast Online.

Erin Prephat

Draiden is autistic, the news site reports, and goes to the Monarch School in Rochester, New Hampshire.

He likes all things Halloween. He even loves the scary part of Halloween and went to see 'IT 2' with his dad. And yes, he loves trick-or-treating too!

Erin Prephat

His mom, Erin Prephat, said Draiden had been completely non-verbal, the news site stated. He has thankfully come out of his shell, and speech therapy has also helped a lot...and he loves showing off his inflatables. Mom laughed that they've run out of extension cords, according to Seacoast Online.

Erin Prephat

It takes hours to set it all up! The sandworm is the latest addition and that was Draiden's birthday present in February, according to Seacoast Online, and it actual retails for 700 dollars, which is insane, so smart shopper mom found a used one.

You'd think with a display that attracts the slow drive by, there'd be a ton of trick-or-treaters? Nope...just a lot of close calls for car accidents from the distracted drivers, the news site reported.

Seacoast Online stated that the house that Draiden and his mom live in is for sale, and neighbors are already wondering where they might see the decorations next. Mom hopes to stay in Kittery.

They sure will be hard to miss, wherever they land...

Erin Prephat