Protests have been happening in Kittery, Maine

For the last couple of weeks, there have been protestors making the rounds along the Seacoast area in Maine and New Hampshire. Even though they seem to be bouncing between Kittery and Portsmouth, they've been seen mostly in Kittery. In fact, just last week, the protest group -- the Nationalist Social Club -- was seen parading out front of our beloved Kittery Trading Post, leading KTP to promptly release a statement after reaching out to Kittery Police.

A protest promoting love happened in Kittery last weekend

Just one week after the Nationalist Social Club was positioned along Route 1 in Kittery spreading their message of white supremacy and racism, a group of Mainers gathered in the same area with a protest of their own -- one which fought hate and promoted love. According to an article appearing on Yahoo!, over 200 Mainers and Granite Staters lined Route 1 and were greeted by honks in support by drivers-by.

Time to fight hate with...kazoos?

What started out as a possible joke or serious plan involving glitter and the Nationalist Social Club protestors actually turned into a legitimate plan that may be carried out to combat the hate-spreaders in Kittery. Reddit user mynameislovey mentioned they were traveling near Kittery and asked for an update on the "status of the protesters" as they were "thinking about stopping by and showering them with glitter."

And what began in response as a half-debate about finding biodegradable glitter (or even how to create your own) quickly turned into a plan inspired by a 2015 KKK march in South Carolina, which was combated by a man following the hate group around playing his sousaphone (a relative instrument of the tuba) -- with the idea to make them look and sound like idiots as they marched.

It worked.

However, instead of fighting the hate speech with a parade of sousaphones (which costs mucho bucks and training), commenters on u/mynameislovey's thread decided that kazoos were a much more economically friendly (and hilarious) way to recreate the South Carolina sousaphone session.

So, if at any time in the next few days you see a group lined along Route 1 or anywhere else in Kittery spreading their white supremacist hate speech, stick around. A free kazoo concert may not be too far behind. And if you want to join and need tips on how to rock the heck out of that kazoo...

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