Since we are still getting to know each other, you most likely do not know that I am a huge foodie!

When I was little, I was a chubby little boy, and on the inside, I still am that same kid, that is why I am going to eat my way through this city of Portland.

No lobster is safe from me, no shrimp or other Asian dumplings.

If you make any of those things I am coming to devour your most exquisite cuisine.

That said, our sales manager Sarah Dobbins (black dress) took me to this fantastic place called EVO in the Old Port for lunch, and giiiiilrl, it was to die for.

I had the duck legs, as I didn't want to be the stereotypical "I'll have the Lobster" guy, and all of the flavors and juice were a symphony in my mouth.

One great thing about this place is that the chefs are always coming up with something new to go along with all the changing seasons. Seriously, check out the menu here.

And taking a look at some Yelp reviews, it seems that a lot of others have found what they love about the spot, too.

Like Robert, who said that "I am now firmly addicted to Evo, having discovered their delicious kibbeh... I dare anyone to find a more perfect lunch in Portland. On a sunny day, you can eat outside and dream you are on a Greek Island!"

Or Chad, who said that the place had "an incredible display of courses, all featuring vegetables cooked in creative and interesting ways, ranging from the typical hummus, falafel, and fatoush salad, to exciting dishes including roasted grapes, fried kale, and some killer chickpea fries."

If you have tried this place, feel free to email or respond to the Facebook post with your thoughts!

EVO is just the beginning. I can't wait to tackle all the other restaurants in Portland. Where should I go next?

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