03Check out one of the highlights of the final dance of the year at Oxford Hills Middle School.


I only knew about this because proud mom (*cough*) Casey Watson pointed out her son in black pants jumping over the fence at the two minute mark and then showing off his Fortnite moves! They are actually pretty good.

So, what is the Cha Cha Slide?

Well, it's a dance from Mr. C the Slide Man.


This video has over 79 million views. It's stupid addictive. Wait..I just noticed this is from 2009??

Okay...what the actual what? Is this making a reappearance or have I been under a rock for the past 10 years? Don't answer that. How did I miss this 10 years ago? I just saw this on some skit on SNL this season, but beyond that - I don't remember it!

Well, the kids at Oxford Middle School sure weren't doing it 10 years ago - but they do an mean slide now!

Happy summer!




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