You know how you do something on accident, and by the time you realize you made a mistake, it's just too late? Well hi, it's me. I'm the mistake.

I never got to apologize to the man waiting in the Maine BMV behind me whose turn at the window was actually before mine in line.

Side note: Did you know it's a BMV and not a DMV in Maine? Apparently, it's not just DMVs you go to in every state. They all seem to have different names. Check it out here if you want. Who knew?

Anyway, long story short, I took this man's turn in line trying to renew my license without realizing what I had done.

Halfway through the process, paperwork, and all, the man sitting behind me stood up and said out loud to me, "Excuse me, but what number are you?" with a very confused look on his face.

He goes on, "Are you number 40".

I look down. No. I'm number 41, which was exactly when I realized that poor man was waiting this entire time as I'm sitting in the spot where he should have been to get his own license renewed.

I felt so terrible. I didn't know what to do on the spot so I asked the lady who was helping me if she'd pause my application and take on his for now. I figure it was the least I could do for my mistake, but she had told me she can't stop the renewal that was in process.

By the time I turned around to apologize, the man was gone at another window being helped so I didn't get to speak with him.

So, Mr. BMV sir, I want you to know it was an honest mistake and I'm still thinking about it to this day. Oddly enough.

If I ever see you again, your next drink is on me.

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