Dear Two Lazy Workers,

First off, don't worry. I'm not trying to get you fired by writing this. And I'm also not going to mention what grocery store and what Maine city/town I went to so that you can't be identified and I'm also not trying to have any Maine business lose money.

But all of that said, could you have been any more blatantly careless Friday night when you were bagging (and I use that term SO loosely) my groceries? I get it, it was 7:30p and you probably just wanted your shift to be over so you could be home or be out doing whatever you do on a Friday night. Do you think I like spending my Friday nights in a checkout line?


I didn't even care that of the two of you, the one that was scanning the groceries (which there wasn't a lot of, so it's not like I was taking up much of your time) didn't even say hello. Hell, I didn't even care that you even made some judgmental comments about some of the items I put on the conveyor belt (I had family coming the next day to stay overnight, if you had to know).

It was more the fact that of the items I had, only half of them got bagged. And why? Because I gave you a stack of probably 6 or 7 reusable grocery bags and you gave me the 3 or 4 that were leftover. Yet the 6-pack of bottled soda I got was just tossed (literally tossed) into the carriage, unbagged.

The wine and peach schnapps that I purchased? Left on the side of the conveyor belt and after I was handed the extra unused bags back, was told that I had to bag those myself. No explanation given (although I assumed it was because the girl bagging looked under 21), just an order to bag those items on my own. And the birthday cake I bought? Literally tossed in my direction -- again, unbagged -- as I was told to have a good night.

In the checkout line at the grocery store.
Bruce Mikells

Tossed hard enough to cause the cake to bash against the side of the cover for the container it was in, smearing the frosting all over the side of the cover. I didn't even have the cake in my hands before you started welcoming the customers behind me and started scanning their items. I was forced out of line so quickly that I had to finish bagging the neglected items off to the side on piles of firewood.

And admittedly, it could've been worse. You could have bagged way more carelessly and purposely crushed items to make more room in the bags, or even gone as far as to toss heavy stuff on fragile stuff like in this example from the show What Would You Do? back in 2019.

But it also could've been better. Way better.

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