Currently it's not against the law to leave the scene if your dog attacks someone. Yup. You can scoop up your dog and leave...that could change!


Unfortunately, someone getting mauled by dogs in a parking lot in Gardiner last summer is spurring this legislation. According to the Sun Journal, Cynthia Roodman was attacked by two dogs. She was on the ground bleeding and pleading with them not to leave her alone!

Police did track down the guy who left, and his dogs were later euthanized - he didn't break any laws leaving the scene! But hopefully that will change.

The Legislature’s Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety is looking to change the law to require the owner or person in charge of a dog that hurts someone to stick around to get contact information.

How is it that even possible that a human leaves another human wounded because of your dog?

To become a law, it has to be approved by the House, Senate and lastly, Gov. Janet Mills. But the American Civil Liberties Union of Maine doesn't want this passed saying that it won't solve society's problems and will only add to to budget strains in communities jailing people. They also added that a new law doesn't guarantee someone won't just leave again.

I'm shocked there has to be a law to tell people to be decent. If you dog attacks a person...stick around!

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