Somehow Twisted Tea tallboys have become the weapon of choice as of late.

Back in December, a video went viral of two men in a Circle K in Ohio. One is obnoxiously yelling racial slurs at the other to the point that the guy was tired of his racist remarks and waked him upside the head with a can of Twisted Tea. It became an internet sensation with video remixes and memes galore.

WARNING: NSFW language & violence

Well, it looks like this was the beginning of a trend as CBSN Boston reported that a woman in Merrimack New Hampshire attacked her significant other with a 24-ounce can of Twisted Tea.

The assailant is a woman by the name of Faith Haggerty and her victim was bruised from the attack.

At least the guy at Circle K had it coming for being a total jerk.

Haggerty is due in court on February 9th.

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