Portland Parking Tickets

Working, eating, dancing, and hanging out in Portland requires me to park in Portland… a lot. Our city has fairly inexpensive parking meters with fair hours, especially compared to other cities I’ve lived in like Miami.

Our parking tickets are also pretty inexpensive.

I used to live in Burlington, Vermont, where I once parked on a residential street with no “no parking” signs in sight. I ended up getting a $75 ticket. In Portland, when you screw up your parking, you’re only hit with a $20 fine.

Between that and the way the mobile parking apps dumb down paying for parking, there really was no excuse for me to ignore my tickets.

Parking in Portland, Maine

Now the silly part of this is that I actually have a spot in a parking garage in an extremely convenient location in the Old Port. This spot only requires a 5-minute walk to my office but sometimes, I don’t have 5 minutes to spare.

On mornings when I’m in a bit more of a rush than usual, I park as close to the office as I can get on the street. The kicker is, sometimes I go in at 7 a.m., not needing to worry about parking until 9 a.m., but always forget to pay.

By the time I remember, it’s too late, and I have a familiar piece of paper on my windshield.

I tuck it away and forget about the ticket, and I’ll be honest, they have tarted to pile up.

My Car Got Booted in Portland

Five tickets.

I finally had five tickets stacked up under my name and today when I walked out to my car, my jaw dropped at the sight.

A boot sitting pretty on my tire.

I just had to laugh.

It was a moment of acceptance and an obvious consequence. In those moments, all you can really do is just laugh.

The fee was less than I thought it would be but definitely an inconvenience. It was more annoying to pay for all my tickets at once in a big sum than if I had just paid them when I got them, like a payment plan.

Townsquare Media

Oh, well. I sucked it up, I didn’t really have a choice. I mean, I had to get this stinkin’ boot off…

Just pay your tickets, it’s a hell of a lot easier.

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