Alexander Hamilton's time has finally come! Let's put a woman on the $10 bill!

The US Treasury Department is asking people all over America who should replace Alexander Hamilton on the ten dollar bill. Everyone seems to agree that it's time for someone other than an old dead white guy!

We have a pretty cool suggestion...

How about we honor the first woman elected to both houses of Congress, and the first woman who made a competitive bid for President of the United States!

U.S. Senator Margaret Chase Smith (1897-1995) of our very own state of Maine, served in the Senate from 1949 to 1973, and her legacy is one of the largest of any former members of that body.

Senator Smith is still famous for her courageous stand against Senator Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin and for her "Declaration of Conscience" speech, delivered in 1950.

Margaret Chase Smith broke barriers and inspired generations of American women to enter politics and public service.

Senator Susan Collins weighs in on the campaign to get Margaret Chase Smith on US currency:

Posted by Margaret Chase Smith Library on Friday, July 10, 2015

U.S. Senator Susan Collins, or current senator, has vivid memories of meeting senator Smith for the first time as a student delegate to the United States Senate Youth Program, where she was inspired to become more involved in politics and public policy.

We think Senator Smith should be the first woman on the $10 bill. What do you think? Comment below or send your thoughts directly to the US Treasury Department.

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