The biggest fear a dog parent can have (in my opinion) almost came true earlier today, and this is my reflection note. You know when you have that horrific dream where your fur baby ran into the street and got hit by a car, and then you wake up sweating and crying?

You know that feeling where your heart drops and everything around you feels like it's in slow-motion as your dog slips out of his collar and runs into the road because he thinks you're "playing"? Well, this was the first time that this happened to me when it wasn't in a dream anymore. It was reality. My Goldendoodle Maverick slipped out of his collar and ran directly into oncoming traffic. It's always so scary, because sometimes they enter fight or flight mode, and they get so nervous that they run directly into danger without realizing it.

I felt like my entire world stopped and was put into slow-motion as Mav ran straight towards a car that looked like it was going entirely too fast to be able to stop on time. To my most pleasant and grateful surprise, the lady driving the car halted as quick as she could, and JUST in time before I lost my doodle mans forever. I'm getting sad writing this, so I'm going to stop, but I just want that lady, whoever she is, to know that she saved my heart this evening by saving my best friend. Maybe this letter will get to you eventually. You never know with the internet. Should it reach your desk, thank you, xox.

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