Last Friday, the Boy Scouts of America let girls join for the first time in their 109 year history...and Lewiston led the way.


According to the Sun Journal, six girls made history Friday when they some of the first girls to join the Boy Scouts, which got rid of the boys only rule.

Now these girls can work toward becoming an Eagle Scout after submitting paperwork to the Pine Tree Council BSA office in Raymond.

Now there is a new Troop 2019 that will serve girls 10 and over.

Pine Tree Council BSA Facebook
Pine Tree Council BSA Facebook

Nothing has changed with what the scouts do, like connecting boys (and now girls too) to their community, and getting them outside and having fun.


The Sun Journal reported that the the Boy Scouts of America said last year that the word “boy” is gone from the title. Not everyone is happy about this, like the Girl Scouts. They filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the BSA for dropping the word boy to get girls to join.

Either way, it's still cool that Lewiston was on the cutting edge and the first to take advantage of the new rules.

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