This was such a nice surprise for LifeFlight of Maine.

The Geiger Elementary School in Lewiston was celebrating 'Kindness Week'. They had the kids outside making a happy heart for the community. All the students and staff went outside to their field and made a perfect heart.

Tara Bryant
Tara Bryant

What they didn't know is that it was almost perfect timing for a LifeFlight of Maine helicopter flying overhead. While they were making the heart, they heard a helicopter flying over. They looked up and could see the helicopter. What they didn't realize is that they snapped a picture. LifeFlight ended up emailing picture to the administration of Geiger Elementary, and writing the following.

I work in Lewiston for LifeFlight of Maine and when we took off this afternoon heading north for a patient, we couldn't help but notice your students lining up in a heart shape. We wished would have been a few minutes later so we could have seen the entire thing but was able to see enough to get a picture. I was able to find your email address on the website and thought I would send the picture along for you to see your kid's work from a "bird's eye view" perspective. Feel free to share or use the picture as you see fit Thanks for pick-me-up.

The administration was so grateful to get this picture and that the heart did exactly what it was intended to do – lift someone's spirits. Thank you Geiger Elementary for the act of kindness we all get to enjoy.

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