If you're going to steal a credit card, it's best not to use it where cameras are going to get a really good look at you.

That's the case with this man who Lewiston Police say used a stolen credit card at a CVS. We're not sure if this is the CVS at the Lewiston Mall or on Sabattus Street, but regardless, you may be able to help police identify him.



Here's a closer look at the suspect.

Lewiston Police Department
Lewiston Police Department

Remember criminals, cameras are everywhere because of you. You WILL get caught, so before you try pulling one of these stunts, just think for a moment if you want to have your face plastered all over the internet. Okay?

If you think you know who this man might be, contact Cpl. Raymond Roberts of the Lewiston Police Department at 207-513-3001 x 6364 or outing him right on Facebook by sending a reply to the Lewiston Police Department Facebook page.

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