Veterans Memorial Park in Lewiston sits along the bank of the Androscoggin River near Great Falls. The park honors the men and women who have served our country in all branches of the United States military with monuments that display veterans' names, as well as military vehicles and artillery on display.

One addition was made to the park that was welcomed by the residents of the City of Lewiston, and it recently got an update to it that is just what Lewiston needs right now.

Neokraft Signs has been in business for 76 years in the City of Lewiston, and has seen much success. Odds are, if you see a sign around Maine for a business, it was likely made and installed by Neokraft. They've installed signs for Target in Lewiston, the Portland Jetport, gas stations all over New England, and the "Hopeful" signs you've seen in a handful of cities in Maine, including Lewiston.

To celebrate their 75th anniversary in Lewiston in 2022, they created and donated 10-foot-high letters that spelled LEWISTON and installed them at the Veterans Memorial Park.

You can't miss the sign as you cross the Longley Bridge over the Androscoggin when driving into Lewiston.

Google Maps
Google Maps

With the recent tragedy in the city, Neokraft felt that the sign needed an addition, so they once again donated another sign to place over the "O" in the Lewiston sign with a big red heart, and the Lewiston-Auburn logo in the bottom left reading "LA Strong."

A touching gesture for the City of Lewiston, as they and all Mainers slowly begin the healing process. Thanks, Neokraft.

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